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could you describe the perpetrator?

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Describing people is really hard!

Face description is a fascinating thing. Every time I watch a program where a witness is asked by a detective to describe a person that they’ve seen at a crime scene, I marvel at their ability to do it so accurately. I’m not even sure I’d be able to describe my next door neighbor’s face to someone, let alone a face I’ve seen for a split second under duress. Facial features are important, as they form our first impression about people, and determine who we imagine  them to be (mostly we get it terribly wrong).

Describing a face properly, requires a systematic listing of every part of the face and its particular character. I’ve collected some ‘interesting’ mug shots for this week’s  lesson, We’ll be describing them to a ‘police composite artist’ to the best of our ability. Then we’ll learn what science has to say about prominent features in our faces, and we’ll make fools  of ourselves (well, my students will anyway…) by trying, with little success, to put  faces to a list of professions.

george orwell - would you believe

this test includes great black and white photos of some very famous and infamous people in far and recent history, that give off all the wrong impressions about the people they portray.

just look at poor George whould you really guess his proffession just by looking at this photo?


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