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How extreme is an extreme sport?

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You know the feeling, when  you start out preparing a subject for a lesson, with a clear idea of what you’re going to say, and end up teaching the exact opposite?

I love it when that happens!

  1. it usually it means that at least a few of my students are going to be as surprised as I was
  2. it gives the lesson a spinning point, which makes it interesting
  3. it makes me look smart (an important goal all teachers should strive for)

The ‘extreme sport lesson’ started out as a search for the craziest stunts, because they’re visually interesting, and you can be sure that no one will fall asleep, and there are some excellent videos out there:

( Parkour in monkey style , Female Skier Of The Year Tumbles Down Alaskan Mountain )

It got really interesting when I started reading  the related research and studies on the subjects.

While I was preparing the lesson, ready to talk about “the crazy things that people come up with to fight boredom”, I found that the facts and numbers don’t correspond at all with my initial point of view. Instead of young crazy unbalanced teens, the majority of professional ‘extreme athletes are in their late 30s.

In their interviews, they come across as more balanced than a lot of ‘normal’ people I know, Furthermore, their reasons for engaging in this activity are (again) completely different to what i had imagined they would be.

Therefore I’m happy to say that, this week, we’re going to be talking about ‘the interesting and challenging choice of extreme sports’, as opposed to the mad and ridicules ways some people choose for risking their lives.

We’ll talk about pushing our comfort zone and why it’s actually good for you and we’ll choose one ‘crazy’ extreme sport that we might want to think about trying (and one that “no way in hell, am I EVER doing this”).

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no limits

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