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There are plenty of jobs out there, you’re just looking in the wrong places

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Young Italians, in my region, are conservatives. Take them out of their comfort zone and they go into panic mode.

This week, every student will have to choose three jobs out of a long list of jobs provided. They will be interviewing for these jobs and trying to convince a fierce and slightly sadistic committee (yours truly), that they are the one right person with the right qualifications for this job.

The catch of course, is that these jobs are chosen from a verity of ‘the weirdest jobs on the planet’, so good luck trying to use normal phrases and clichés.

Ridicules situations make for fantastic conversation lessons. By eliminating the ‘correct answer’, or the ‘predictable response’,  great original answers emerge, which include the use of bigger and more varied vocabulary and plenty of humor. The beauty of these situations is that after the initial shock, the brain kicks into a creative mode. By concentrating on ‘solving an unpredictable problem’, my students forget to be terrified of making grammar mistakes, they relax, they’re funny and they speak better.

To my delight, my  veteran students already know and recognize these type of lessons (sometimes by the title alone), and they jump  straight into the ‘bizarre’, without having to be talked into doing so.  this creates a domino effect, the atmosphere soon relaxes and everyone gets a kick out of going a little crazy.

lezioni di conversazione inglese - lavori strani
so many great jobs out there…

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